The Importance of Pruning

Proper pruning by a skilled arborist can be the cornerstone to the maintenance of your trees health and their function in your landscape. Every cut made on a tree has the potential to change the growth of the tree and improper pruning can damage a tree permanently or even shorten its life.

Pruning for Health

We can identify and remove diseased, broken, weak or dead branches from your trees. Thinning, or the removal of live branches is occasionally necessary to increase light exposure to sunlight and air circulation within the canopy.

Pruning for Structure

For young trees, proper pruning helps the tree develop a strong structure and desirable form. A tree that receives appropriate structural pruning while it is young will require less corrective pruning as it matures.

Pruning for Beauty

Pruning can increase the form and beauty of your trees by enhancing the structure of limbs and canopy. Healthy trees are also beautiful trees.

Pruning for Safety

Trees near dwellings or pedestrian access may need to be assessed for safety and pruned to decrease the chances of falling limbs. Improper pruning can actually increase the risk of tree failure and costly damage.

Vista Pruning

We can carefully prune trees to reveal desired views from vantage points such as your porch or a favorite window. This is done carefully to maintain a natural appearance. Create visual access to lakes, valleys or other distant landscapes.

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